Log My First SFF build - Node 202


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Jun 9, 2020
Hi Every,
This is my first SFF build, the full configure list is here:


The main purpose of this build is working in home and playing games, quiely. So all of the fan exclude videos card's fan was replace to quite fan. Most of them was noctua ones. I must say the the heat dissipation of this chassis is general. In order to reduce the fan speed, I had to fix a lower voltage of 1.05v to the CPU and limit the GPU operating frequency to 1400MHZ. In this way, the CPU does not exceed 75 degrees when fully loaded, and the GPU does not exceed 65 degrees when fully loaded. The CPU can work stably at 4.1G. The sound is quieter when fully loaded, and you can't hear it when you close the door.
It is worth mentioning that node 202 follows Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER WINDFORCE OC 3X graphics card is not compatible. I had to cut off a frame of the parts that fixed the graphics card. And bend a horizontal edge on the chassis.
In addition, the power fan of SilverStone 600W is very noisy. I replaced him with NoiseBlocker BlackSilentPro PC-P 30.6 CFM 80 mm. This is the only 80mmx15mm fan I can find. The internal fan of the power supply is a small two-port, I can only make a simple power socket by myself.
The NF-A4 fan added at the top helped the CPU to decrease by 2-3 degrees. If the weather gets hot, I plan to add another fan.
The Samsung 970 EVO plus runs very hot, over 95 degrees. I found a 3mm heat dissipation sticker on eBay, which allows the SSD installed on the back to directly contact the rear cover, so the heat dissipation effect is very good, and it is directly reduced to about 70 degrees under high load.