Log Airflow Optimized Node 202 N202AF


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Jan 21, 2018

I would like to share with you guys this Node 202 project dubbed N202AF.

basically I am a PC builder and I have a thing for SFF PCs like the bunch of you over SFF network and I have learned so much from this place as well, so I would like you guys to check my build and give me your thoughts while being nice as this is the first time I share a build online outside my circle.


i3 - 10100
Noctua l9i CPU fan
Asrock H470m
RTX 2060 KO Ultra
16gb 2400Mhz
512gb HP EX950 nvme
Included 450w Integra PSU
2x 40mm Noctua Case Fans

This is the build page on builds.gg

what I did was take some ideas from previous builders I've seen and researched about and wanted to understand more about airflow inside a case, this build indeed helped a lot with my understanding about it.

I used 3D printed ducts, GPU modeled after another but CPU duct designed from scratch, added 2x 40mm noctua exhaust fans and printed spacers/ducts to place them further away.

Some pictures: