GPU MXM Graphics Card mounting standards?


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Aug 7, 2018
Hey all,

I don't have any MXM cards available for me to look at, but I was wondering anyone had any experience and knew if there was any kind of mounting standard for coolers or if they were all random when it came to available mounting holes on them?

Is there a standard spacing on the cards since they all used a manufactured die - similar to desktop class boards - which would allow for easy mounting of a cooler?
Better yet, if the GPU itself is the same as desktop class GPU (In the case of the RTX 20 series, I believe these are the same chips just running lower clocks no?) does this main they share the same die and screw holes and potentially allowing for use of universal style coolers?

Would be interested in knowing as I'm looking interested in a custom STX enclosure and this is the big unknown right now...




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Jan 27, 2017
While the actual spacing of the mounting holes IS standard, the different GPU brands (AMD and Nvidia) often have different clearances around the chip, for the chokes and other surface-mount components. The memory configurations can be slightly different, and between MXM 3.0a and 3.0b, and then the much larger "Clevo size" MXM cards and the very different "MSI 1080" MXM, the position of the die (and therefor memory and the still standard size mounting bracket position) on the card can vary greatly.
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