Minisforum has added a new product to its growing arsenal of mini PCs, this one being a followup to an existing design but a much needed and welcomed followup.  When the original B550 released, it looked like a normal mini PC but with a socketed design, meaning you could easily upgrade to a newer CPU.   Since AM4 socket hasn’t seen any APU’s release since the 5700G, this wasn’t particularly useful on the surface.  The B550 had a hidden secret however, which was an external PCIe 3.0 x16 connector as well as ATX PSU connectors, allowing it to be a modular component in a larger PC – not too dissimilar to the Intel NUC Extreme.  The downside is everything was held in by brackets and was rather exposed.  The B550 Pro rectifies this by adding a case around it all.

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Master of Cramming
Jun 17, 2018
Instead of this case, or the frame that's supplied with the original B550 I have, I'd love to see this supplied with an adapter plate and IO shield. This would allow the motherboard to be removed from the original mini case and installed into any Mini-ITX case.
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Cable Smoosher
Jan 2, 2020
Why would they recommend 5800x3d or any of the non-G series CPUs when they don't have integrated graphics? That completely defeats the purpose of the product unless all you want is a smaller motherboard