Today the UM690 follows up on our previous reviews of Minisforum mini PCs.  Unlike the previous two reviews, we now have RDNA2 graphics and Zen 3+ CPU cores, which should offer a significant uptick in performance across the board.  As you may recall from the UM480 review, I was not particularly impressed with the chassis that Minisforum picked for that PC.  That chassis makes an appearance again today with the UM690, albeit with a more powerful 120W power supply.  Keeping in previous themes of comparing these mini PC’s with equivalent ITX APU builds, I will be benchmarking the UM690 against both the HM90 and 5700G desktop APU, but to spice things up a bit I’ll also be including a 5700G + RX6400 LP card to see how 12CU’s of RDNA2 iGPU goodness matches up against 12CU’s of RDNA2 dGPU sadness.
Unlike the last 2...

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Feb 26, 2016
The next one will be the most exciting so far, and probably the one most worthy of the price :D
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