Selling Low profile coolers and other misc parts

I'm clearing out unused stuff, some which includes low profile coolers. All prices include shipping for US buyers, unless noted otherwise.

Zalman CNPS2X w/AM4 mounting kit
Used, includes AM4 kit which was bought separately. $17

Dynatron K6
1U server cooler for 115x sockets. Never used, still has original thermal paste. $22

Intel HTS1155LP
Low profile cooler for Thin Mini ITX boards. Like new. $22

HP mATX Intel Haswell H87 motherboard
OEM board, Labeled HP Pegatron IPM87-MP. Cannot guarantee power header pinout is the same as in most boards. $30

Sabrent USB hub

Barely used. Four USB 3.0 ports. $5 if bought with another item. $10 separately

Selling my KMPKT Dynamo Mini 200W DC power supply along with a Dell 240W adapter to go with it. I'm sad to see it go, but I'm going brick-less now. I used the Dynamo Mini for a little under a year, and still functions really well. This was able to power a RX 570 with 80% power limit with a 35W CPU. It has all the cables, and some velcro straps to keep them tidy.

The 240W adapter is 19V and is the PA-9E slim model. I'm selling both the Dynamo Mini and adapter for $80 + shipping.


Ryzen 3, Dynamo, and GPU are now sold
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Nov 1, 2015
Update: Added a Dynamo Mini with Dell 240 Adapter to the sale.