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Feb 26, 2016
This thread will be a sticky thread used to give updates on the progress of the Round-Up and provide news and updates.


In case you're interested, I am going to link some other reviews done on other sites for comparison/reference:

Toms Hardware Jan 2016 - Silverstone AR06, Reeven Brontes, ID-Cooling VC45, BeQuiet! Shadow Rock LP
LANOC Sept 2017 - AMD Wraith Stealth, Spire, Max, Corsair H60, Cryorig C7, ID-Cooling IS40v3, IS50, IS60, Noctua L9a, L9x65, D9L, Phanteks PH-TC12LS
TechBuyersGuru Oct 2016 - Intel Stock, Noctua NH-L9x65, NH-L12, Reeven Brontes, Steropes, Silverstone AR06, NT06-Pro, Thermalright AXP-100 Muscle

As mentioned in the thread, a few small updates for May 2018:

  • New testbench, Z370 + 8700k
  • More coolers coming (moving to US means I have access to more products!)
  • A new sticky post on the forum with a list of updates from me, as well as a list of coolers to be tested, votes on what should be a priority
  • June 15 - New testbench should be up and running, I will re-test the Croyrig C7, C7cu, Noctua NH-L9i, L9x65, ID-Cooling IS-40v3 and VC45, Thermolab LP53 & ITX30 by this time.
  • June 30 - All other coolers in my possession will be tested by this date.
  • Webpage so you can sort through coolers and compare my results, with pictures and audio clips
  • Comparison articles on thermal pastes, cooler orientations, and hopefully certain cases (as requested by many)

Some notes:
  • If you feel a cooler is missing from this, please let me know in the other thread.
  • I am only including coolers which have Intel mounts at the moment, as I do not have an AMD test bench. If there is enough demand, I will add this in the near future.
  • I'm only looking at coolers under about 130mm in clearance at the moment as this site is focused on SFF. I am planning to purchase many Chinese market ones before I leave China, but after that I will prioritize smaller coolers first.
And apologies for the extremely long post but here is a list of coolers planned.

Currently in possession as of May 30 2018
Arctic Alpine 11GT Rev.2
Arctic Freezer 11LP
Coolermaster V200 / Vortex 211P
CoolServer 2U Tower
CoolServer Low Profile
Cryorig C7
Cryorig C7 CU
ID-Cooling DK-03i Halo
ID-Cooling IS-40
ID-Cooling IS-40v3
ID-Cooling VC45
InfiPlus i135T
InfiPlus i95
Jonsbo HP-400
Jonsbo HP-625
Noctua NH-L9i
Noctua NH-L9x65
Noctua NH-U9S
Noctua NH-L12S
Phanteks PH-TC90LS
Phanteks PH-TC12LS
Scythe Jitte
Scythe Kozuti
Scythe S950N / Thermaltake Gravity i2
Scythe S950M / Thermaltake Gravity i1
Silverstone AR05
Silverstone AR06
Silverstone AR09
Silverstone AR10
SoPlay SP-4L
Thermaltake Engine 27
Thermaltake Slim X3
Thermolab ITX30
Thermolab LP53
Titan TTC-NC25TZ
Zalman CNPS2X

Shortlist for "To Acquire" for June 2018
Akasa Nero LX2
CoolerMaster MasterAir G100L
CoolerMaster T520
DeepCool HTPC-200
ID-Cooling IS-20i
ID-Cooling IS-25i
ID-Cooling IS-50
ID-Cooling IS-60
ID-Cooling IS-65
ID-Cooling SE-802
ID-Cooling SE-812i
ID-Cooling SE-904 Twin
ID-Cooling SE-913X
Jonsbo CR-101
Jonsbo CR-301
Jonsbo CR-701
PCCooler MiniCPU
PCCooler V4
SoPlay SP-290L

Long Term List - plan to acquire within the year (I will assign priorities later)
Akasa 975CU
Akasa AK-CC092
Akasa AK-CC1104EP01
Akasa AK-cc7302BT01
Akasa CCE-7201CP
Akasa Venom-Atto AK
Akasa Venom Pico
Akasa X4/ AK-968
Alpenfoehn Panorama
Arctic Alpine 12 Passive
Arctic Alpine 11 Plus
Arctic Alpine 11 Pro
Arctic Freezer 7 Pro Rev
Arctic Freezer A11
BeQuiet Dark Rock TF
BeQuiet Pure Rock Slim
BeQuiet Shadow Rock LP
BeQuiet Shadow Rock TF2
CoolerMaster Geminii M4
CoolerMaster Gemini M5 LED
CoolerMaster Hyper 103
CoolerMaster MasterAir G100M
CoolerMaster S524ii
Cryorig C1
Cryorig M9
DeepCool Alta 200
DeepCool Gamerstorm Gabriel
DeepCool Theta Series (15, 20, 31)
Dynatron K17
Dynatron K5
Dynatron K666
Dynatron R17
Dynatron R24
Dynatron R27
Dynatron R5
Gelid Siberian-01
Gelid SlimHero
Noctua NH-C14S
Raijintek Aidos
Raijintek Juno X
Raijintek Pallas
Raijintek Rhea
Raijintek Zelos
Reeven Arcziel RC 0903
Reeven Brontes RC 1001b
Reeven Vanxie RC 0801b
Scythe BIG Shuriken 2 Rev B
Scythe Iori
Scyteh Kabuto 3
Scyteh Kodati Rev B
Scythe Shuriken Rev B
Silverstone AR02
Silverstone AR04
Silverstone AR11
Silverstone NT06-Pro
Silverstone NT07
Silverstone NT08
Silverstone NT09
Thermalright AXP-100H
Thermalright AXP-100RH
Thermalright AXP-200 Muscle
Thermalright AXP-200R
Thermalright Macho 90
Thermalright XP-90
Thermaltake BigType Revo
Thermaltake Flexi
Thermaltake MeOrb II
Titan DC-150A915Z
Titan TTC-NC65TX
Titan NC75TZ
Xigamtek Apache IV-N
Xigmatek Janus LD1266
Xigmatek Praeton LD963
Xigmatek Praeton LD964
Xigmatek Prodigy ST1266
Xigmatek Prodigy ST963
Zalman CNPS9500A
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Feb 26, 2016
Update for July:

Sorry for the delays, but I have run into some issues so I have some bad news, but also some very good news.

Bad News:
  • I recently moved back to the US but don't have a real adequate place to do my testing, so I have been unable to do it (lack of climate control and area to setup everything). In addition it was difficult to get some of the parts for my test bench, namely the bench itself, so I didn't get a bench setup until last week anyways. It's unlikely I can get much meaningful testing done in the month of July however.
  • It seems the trade war is spooking most Chinese shippers and they refused to ship my cooler collection to the US. Fortunately I knew about this before I left so I managed to take a large number with me, but still am missing over half my collection. It will probably be November before I can go back to China to get the rest.
Now for the good news:
  • I lied about my new test bench. I ended up getting a B360 + i7 8700 (non K) for reasons I will mention in a later post. However, you can expect both AMD and Intel tests, and for AMD I will be doing the R5 2400G as well as the R7 2700X.
  • I can't get testing done but I'm getting more familiar with the new architectures. I will be posting some more updates this month to get feedback from you guys regarding the testing methodology.


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Feb 26, 2016
Update for July 23:

After encountering some poor results on the B360 board, I decided to change it out for an Asrock Z370-ITX AC Fatality (or whatever the kids call it these days), as the 8700 was getting power limit throttling (not thermal throttling) with the B360-ITX. I'll check tonight if that issue is resolved. In addition I've traded out the B350 board for an X470-ITX (also Asrock) that had been Confusis review sample. I was hoping that the R5 2400g would be able to push more power through it with this board, but unfortunately I got the same results. That's probably good for you guys though, because now you know I'm pushing this chip to the limit!

In addition I was on Amazon and found some of these fans (this is not an affiliate link MOD EDIT: All Amazon links are converted to affiliate links for SFFn by the forum software.) by Bgears, they have several different sizes and are fairly high RPM so I'll be testing those as well. The best news is I finally have a place to test these, so you can expect at least 5 coolers from each test system (APU, Ryzen CPU, Intel Core CPU) by Friday. I'll of course try to get more!

Finally, at suggestion of a user on the forum, I've added a link to the Discussion thread and will add a link to the results later this week. They're at the very top of this thread, and will always be there.

edit: Coming July 28 -
Intel Stock Cooler
AMD Wraith Stealth
AMD Wraith Max Prism
ID-Cooling IS-40 v3 (with alternative fans)
ID-Cooling IS-50 (with alternative fans)
ID-Cooling IS-60 (with alternative fans)
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