Image Credit - Lian Li​

Props to Guru3D for spotting this one. Check out their awesome website by Clicking Here.

Lian Li is introducing an all white version of their gold rated SP750 SFX PSU. The white on white on white PSU features white cables, housing, connectors, and fan. The PSU supports a zero RPM mode at up to 40% load, and is listed as having a maximum noise level of 31.8dBA.

It's certainly a good looking PSU. The OEM is Helly Technology which isn't particularly well known. However, Anandtech reviewed the black unit and found the build quality to be excellent, though the noise rating was no where close to 31.8dBA in their tests. Check out their review by CLICKING HERE.

You can check out the official Lian Li SP750 website by Clicking Here.
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