Knock off pico... would you trust it??

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Turnburglar, Mar 15, 2019 at 6:33 PM.

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    Hey forum member's,

    I got this knock off mini pico 150 off amazon for $22. It claims to be the 150 model and is sold by Rgeek. Looking at this seller's other products they all seem to be half the price. Should be more than I need for a ryzen 2400G, but I just got to thinking about the importance of a PSU, and it made me question this purchase. I can still RMA it with amazon and get either a real mini box 160xt for double the price, or an HDplex unit.

    What would you do; Junk it, or run it??


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    If you're just using for basic tasks it should be fine.

    If you're gaming or running any decent programs, I'd return it.
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    Don't underestimate the 2400G, especially if you're overclocking.
    The soldering work (therefore QC) seems shabby. This is where they get the low price, since the components are mostly standardized.

    Depending on how important is the work you do with this PC (and the components used), since you already have it: Load the PSU as heavily as you can (within spec) and measure the temperatures of the components (if you have the means), see if it bursts into smoke. Test for several hours at least, optimally more than a day.
    If it survives the torture test, it's probably good for the living room.
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    yes I am OC'ing my 2400G and using the system mainly for 1080p gaming and it also runs my CAD.

    Unfortunetly I lack the hardware to properly test a PSU, and had back surgery last month, so I am on crutches and my mobility is super limited. So for the extra $25 a name brand unit will cost me, I will call insurence money.
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    In the bicycle shop I was often asked how much one should spend on a bike rack. I'd say, "Spend as much as it's worth to you to not drag your bicycle down the highway".
    Everything runs off the PSU. It's one area I refuse to skimp on.

    Also, I hope you have a speedy recovery.
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    @Thehack do you think the 120w PDCB you sell, would work for my build?
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    Looks shoddy af.

    That said, my current rule of thumb is, for these knockoff products, just half the seller rating lol. So in your case it's just good for 75W or 100W maybe if you're lucky.

    Just don't skimp on the brick and you'll be fine.