Concept JKase D3 -- Triangular Vertical Case, 3 slots GPU support, 280mm radiator, Simple appearance


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Nov 24, 2021

2022-1-17:Show Concept, JKase D3 v0.1​

Introduction and Background​

Hello friends!😻

I am an SFF lover and have been paying attention to different chassis designs for the past few years. The vertical ITX case is my personal favorite. Since most of them are full of mesh panels and I don't like mesh so much personally. So I tried to design a case by myself. The case idea is trying my best to reduce mesh panels and try not to affect thermal performance. Also try to keep appearance simple. Now I would like to show you my design concept.

Just Think Out Of the Box​

Most of the vertical ITX cases put the I/O on top. e.g. ROG Z11, Phanteks Evolv shift. So I decided to "bulge" the I/O out of the panel. I know it doesn't symmetric anymore. But more user-friendly since you can use it on the side. The benefit from this is PSU switch also in the same direction. And I can bore three holes between I/O and PSU and use a DP riser cable or HDMI riser cable to connect GPU. All cable management we need to do is just on only one side.

Design ideas​

  • Vertical design for less area used
  • Triangular shape for simple structure
  • ALL I/O on one side
  • 2 Fans in 2 Fans out / 3 Fans in 1 Fan out
  • Less Mesh Panel and No Glass Panel
  • Clean and Simple
  • Modular
  • Good Dust Filtration
  • Brand Name: JKase
  • Product Name: Trident

Case Structure​

I just use screws to connect all the panels and columns. For the materials, 4mm aluminum should be used. Or I may use 3D printing for my testing.

Airflow (2 modes)​

Vertical airflow​

2 in 2 out​


  • Motherboards: mini-ITX
  • PSU: SFX / SFX-L
  • CPU block: (Not test yet)
  • Radiator: 280mm
  • GPU: 3 slots, max lengths 327mm
  • FAN: 4 x 14cm Fans
  • Drive: 4 x 2.5'' drive (Or 3.5'' drive is available in the future)


Current Problems​

  1. This case is quite big since it is about 32L. It may be an ITX case but not an SFF case. Luckily, it is still much smaller than ROG Z11 and approximately equal to Phanteks Evolv. I will try my best to reduce the volume.
  2. A long PCIE riser cable should be used
  3. I need lots of time to produce this case prototype since I have no experience in manufacturing. That means the test result and next update is about a few months later.
  4. May be not compatible with a big air cooler (Maybe only can use a small air cooler)
  5. Not suitable for Mesh panel lovers and Glass panel lovers🥶
  6. I don't know if the thermal performance is good enough or not. If the temperature result is quite bad, I may just stop this project. 😖🥵

Thank you for reading this post. If you have any suggestions just feel free to let me know. 😻 Hope you enjoy it.
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