Image Credit: Intel Corporation
Intel has announced the latest updates to their 13th generation Raptor Lake Core CPU lines. The latest CPUs include models with 65 watt base power ratings, as well as the T-Series with a 35 watt base power rating. Both have far higher max turbo wattage. Of particular interest to the SFF crowd is the T-Series CPUs as they have often found themselves used in prebuilts such as the HP mini-pc series, and in many power and heat sensitive builds from members on SFFN.
Intel’s highest end T-Series is the new I9-13900T featuring 24 cores (8 performance and 16 efficiency units), and a maximum turbo wattage of 106 watts. Intel states that the chip will boost up to 5.3 GHz on the P-Cores, but can drop as low as 1.1 GHz as a base frequency. What is not mentioned is what the sustained all...

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