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EK, the premium liquid cooling hardware manufacturer, is launching the Direct Die product series aimed at delidding and achieving the ultimate cooling of the LGA 1700 socket-based Intel CPUs from the 12th generation Alder Lake and 13th gen Raptor Lake families. Kitguru teamed up with EK to investigate the potential benefits of direct die cooling for Intel’s Alder Lake CPUs to achieve the best possible thermal performance on a daily basis. After publishing the first video announcing this collaboration, EK was overwhelmed by the response from Kitguru’s audience. In order to bring these products to market, EK reached out to Der8auer, a renowned expert in delidding and direct die applications.
EK has prepared a total of four products to start this Direct Die series: two CPU water blocks (one Limited Edition), a delidding tool...

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Aug 15, 2019
ek do make some very pretty blocks

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