I think I found a little gem: Realan E-i7

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    I'm thinking about buying the Cryorig C1 for my Relan Ei7 with AMD 2400g. Any reason you would do it differently this time around? I also modded my Realan case lid for more vent holes, I'm surprised your Cryoright C1 gets enough air intake since it looks like it sits so close to the case lid!
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    There's nothing I would do differently really. Just make sure your board has at least 85mm from socket center to back (IO side) and C1 will fit. Of course, make sure it comes with the AM4 bracket...
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    It's seems to me a clone of the Itek Diamond7!
    Not sure which one was the first to "copy" but it may be easier to find the Itek one with other distributor...
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    Thanks for that tip. There are really only two of the new B450 mITX boards I'm looking at for my 2400G build, so that may narrow it down!
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    Well @theGryphon - thanks to @bananaboy93 I got a LP 1050 ti and I'm going to shove it in this case and follow you down a path of madness. I plan on powering the card and a 2400g with no overclock off a Meanwell 200w and PicoPSU 160XT

    When I went to go buy a pair of Noiseblocker 80x15 fans, I was surprised Amazon told me I'd already ordered one back in 2013. I had totally forgotten I purchased one to mod one of the older Silverstone SFX 450w PSUs.
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    I decided the 80mm side fans were too restricted by the vents...

    Need to find some grilles now