Hello Fellow SFF Enthusiasts

Hello, I've been a part of this community in my heart for many years. I actually recently built my first personal non - SFF PC in January for a company server, but my first build was an RVZ01, then a dual radiator NCaseM1 (inspired by Optimum Tech) using a barrow pump block combo with a 5900x and a 3080ti(originally a gigabyte 2080super in a barrow gpu block) in a custom loop, and now my most recent pc build(recycled parts) inside a SSPUD Meshilicious using the same internals. The complete current build is an ASUS b550i strix, 64gb Gskill trident z 3200mhz, Ryzen 5900x, barrow CPU pump block combo, 2tb Samsung 980 pro, 2tb Samsung 970 evo plus, 3080ti fe, ekwb quantum vector fe, corsair sf750, sspud meshilicious, connected to 3 1440p 240hz Acer XC272UX monitors. I mainly use my computer for work, but i do enjoy a few FPS games like COD and Halo. Excited to be here!


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Jun 29, 2015
Welcome to the forum.

Be sure to read up on the terms and rules of the forum. Mainly for buying and selling or other commercial activity on the forum as the access is limited and the rules are strictly enforced.

As a new user you're probably not able to edit posts or links just yet, so if a substantial error was made, click the Report-button in the post.

Hope to see you around, enjoy the wonderful world of SFF!
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