Just a guy from California, living in Japan, with an M1 trying to build a custom loop

Hello all,
I live in Japan but originally from California.
I'm trying to gather parts for an NCase M1 dual rad loop using two 240mm radiators with a B550 motherboard.
So far I have the Barrow block/pump combo, 2x 240mm slim radiators (I know a full size will fit, but there's a reason I'm going dual slim), some P12 slim fans and EK ZMT tubing.
Because of GPU stockageddon, I'm in the unfortunate position where when a GPU drops, I have to cross check if it has a water block and make sure that block will fit which means I miss the drops.
So my build is mostly parked until 3080 FE or 3090 FE stock is more normal. For now I'll be in the M1 compatibility thread seeing if there's ever a 6800XT reference block that will work.


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May 9, 2015
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