GTX 1660Ti launched - Potential new SFF Sweetspot

Discussion in 'News' started by Arrandale, Feb 22, 2019.

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    Maybe a Node202 with 120mm AiO or cube cases like the Jonsbo/Cooltek C2. Could also save some space in the NCase M1.
  2. Kmpkt

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    Without giving too much away, there is some stuff coming down the pipeline and the 1660ti and 65W CPU combo will be a much safer bet going forwards ;)
  3. VisualStim

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    that seems like very shitty compromises when you start limiting your hardware
  4. chx

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    No, it's a great compromise! The T CPUs are too often very expensive and it makes more sense to cook your own.
  5. RenG

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    Not shitty at all. Few years back T-variant chips are the go-to CPUs for SFF cases. Now everybody is pushing the boundaries, which is also great. Limiting your hardware and figuring out the best possible performance that you can squeeze from a limited cooling and power system, that what makes SFF fun IMHO.
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  6. RenG

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    Hopefully you're talking about the HDPlex 200. I'm waiting for that one for half a year now. :(
  7. ZeppeZ

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    The wait is over my man, Dynamo mini(200w) or you have gurys daemon(?) which goes from 200-500w I think.
    Got my dynamo mini 2-3 weeks ago, did a few tests with 2400g(stock speeds) and 1060 asus 3gb and it runs great!
    So ordered a zotac 1660 ti twin fan, gon be guud!
  8. smitty2k1

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    Wow I didn't know the Dynamo mini was up to 200w. That's impressive!
  9. Brian_Buckley

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    Interestingly the Zotac card is actually smaller than the Gigabyte card overall despite being 3mm longer. If you care about the other dimensions, you're actually saving 9.3% overall volume with the Zotac card and getting a dual fan design for those extra 3mm at the same price.
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    That looks nice. I see they're still making white cards. That would look so good in my case. I just have to find out which EU stores sell Galax and also ship to the US.
  12. Arrandale

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    Added the GTX 1660s
  13. BonfireOfDreams

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    Were there previously any 1660ti cards under 190mm or is that MSI Aero card the first to be released?

    Edit: Answering my own question, the Zotac 1660ti ZT0T16610F-10L has a card length of 145mm, with nearly the exact same spec including boost clock. Ergo, Zotac still has size victory. I'd be interested to see if the cooling methods used in each card produce a noticeable difference.
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  14. Brian_Buckley

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    The Zotac is actually 173.4mm and the Gigabyte is 170mm (first post in this thread). The Zotac is actually a bit smaller overall though due to the other dimensions.
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  15. rocklobster

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    Dual fan and within 180mm? Hot damn what a time to be alive!
  16. BonfireOfDreams

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    Yep you are definitely right, Newegg had the length I listed way off.