Geforce gtx 1070 or 1080?


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Sep 18, 2018

So I'm putting together a A4-sfx v3.
It will mainly be used as an desktop PC, with light cad work and no gaming. My hope is to get a as silent PC as possible on my desk, so it need to run cold as well.

- Asus z370i
- i7 8700 non k(delid + under-volt)
- Corsair SF450(or do I need the SF 600?)
- Corsair LPX 32 GB 2666 mhz
- NH L9i
- 970 Evo NVMe 250GB for my OS and programs
- 860 Evo SATA ssd 250GB for my project files
- 860 Evo SATA ssd 1TB for my storage

So I cant decide on a GPU, I've read a dusin reviews, but not two alike with the same conclusion, so essentially I only get more confused. So I ask here to get some real world examples/experiences from users with the same case.

I've mostly looked at 1080 versions, but not sure I need it, an it will probably run bout hotter and louder then the 1070 versions?

What will you guys recommend for me, with respect to running cold and quiet?


ps. anyone have experience with the mini cards(MSI 1070 mini or Gigabyte 1080 mini) in the A4, do they represent a problem cooling vice, as they stop in the mid of the cabinet?
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