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Jul 21, 2023
Hello SFF Community,

so a couple of years ago I built my first SFF-PC which uses the following components:

PSU: Seasonic SSP-300SUG 300W (Link: https://seasonic.com/sug)
CPU: upgraded to i5-7500
GPU: Zotac Nvidia 1050Ti OC
Mainbaord: MSI H270I
Ram: 2x 8 GB DDR4
SSD: 1x M.2 SSD

Now I want to upgrade my system a little bit and already did that by getting a new CPU. Next thing on the list would be the GPU. Since I don't have much watts left I was tending to something between a 1650 (75w/ PCIe-Slot only, same power consumption) to a 1660 Super (125w/8 PIN). Options between are 1650 Super (100w/6 pin) and 1660 (120w/8 PIN). Prices are relatively the same so I tend to go for the stronger 1660 Super. The Problem I am facing now is that my PSU doesn't come with a PCIe 6/8-Pin Connector. So at the moment im looking into two different solutions:

a) To use an adapter for the two Sata-Connectors (to 6/8-Pin) which i don't use. I read online that this is not a super safe solution. Molex is (not?) an option, I only have one Molex-Connector. I also have one 4-Pin-CPU-Connector left. I tend to go for a 2x Sata to 1x Pin-Adapter because I assume its safer?

b) I was looking half the day for new cables for the PSU since its "modular", but i couldn't find anything that fits the purpose. Are there any cables that are 24 ATX to 24 ATX + 4 Pin (for CPU) and 6/8 Pin (for GPU)?

I prefer not to get a new PSU.

Im happy for any advice and input, thanks in advance!