Advice Molex modded to a 8 pin?


Cable Smoosher
Original poster
Jul 2, 2020
Looking for advice on powering a 1660 super with PCI-e and molex connectors since my pico unit doesn't have a 6, or 8 pin PCIe power connector.

Is it possible to mod a molex directly to an 8 pin connector. I realize that pcie 8 pins are supposed to able to supply more power, but it will only need to give around 40-50 watts for my 1660 super. 75 watts from the pci-e slot, and maybe 50 watts more from the molex during heavy gaming. Molex is supposed to good for 75 watts. Idk why a 120 watt card came with an 8 instead a 6 pin, when 6 would be all it needed.

It's mainly so I won't have to use multiple adapters (Molex -> 6 pin -> 8 pin).