Many thanks to FIFINE for supplying SFF Network with this review sample.
Unless you’re interested in hiding behind captions, being a streamer or video content creator means having a good quality microphone is a must. While fantastic videos have been created with nothing better than the dinky little microphone in a smartphone, quality audio is a lot easier to achieve with a better starting point.
FIFINE’s K688 USB/XLR Dynamic Podcast Microphone is one contender in the more budget friendly end of the market. Featuring support for both USB and XLR, it’s a multi-purpose unit, especially when you consider smartphone, Playstation and (with the right adapter) Xbox compatibility alongside the expected PC use. Retailing at US$99.95 on NewEgg or US$79.99  direct from FIFINE, the K688 sits in what I’d consider middle of the pack for pricing – below the production grade units, but above the budget offerings and ones included in gaming headsets.
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