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Feb 15, 2020
Hello Guys, first primarily I have to say I'm a really big fanatic and excited about PS Vita.

The PS Vita itself is REALLY OLD (2013), which means because I love it like my pc to "UPGRADE" it.

PS Vita specs are: CPU - ARM Cortex-A9 Quad-core; GPU - PowerVR SGX543MP4+ ; RAM - 512MB; Space - none (1GB internal for slim version), up to 64GB external with PS Vita Memory card and up to 256GB for modded SD card.

So I have 3 options to upgrade it:

First: Change/Upgrade motherboard with Raspberry Pi

For that case, I'll choose the Raspberry Pi 3 A+ because of the size, so what I'm gonna do? Simply change the motherboard, for most of you thinking it is not possible but it is. I have to just manage how to connect a display, controllers, sound (Maybe also a camera). I have planned to do this with my friend, which is pretty advanced in those things. We already teardown the PS Vita and connectors of Pi perfectly fit (I can make some holes for other connectors...), the controllers and battery is the easiest part friend said, the display we can use an adapter or just use 5" Pi display. We have to just connect controllers to Pi motherboard and then programme, so they can communicate with each other. But the main thing why I don't want to continue is the Pi motherboard has almost the same specs like Vita, so it would barely run even HD videos on youtube (Which PS Vita still can damn...).

Second: Choose Smartphone motherboard or motherboard from Compute Stick instead of RPi

So what about Smartphone motherboard or Intel Compute Stick? It has decent specs (Many phones has already 4 or 6 gigs of RAM in today). The main problem would be connectors, there is just jack or USB for charging, so it would be really hard to make it work like you can make GPIO ports from volume buttons. But I still think so it doesn't worth the work, I doubt enough it can run PS Vita display (Or Pi display), controllers and sound without using any external device like RPi, Arduino, etc...

Third: Just Switch for another device

Nintendo Switch: a lot of you come to mind the Nintendo Switch Lite if you wanted to upgrade from PS Vita. I was also thinking about it but I doubt Nintendo Switch will have that such quality homebrew like PS Vita had, next it doesn't support Bluetooth at all, it doesn't have a web browser (If you don't use that secret one), it doesn't have a media player and it also doesn't have any camera. Mainly I liked PS Vita for the design and the OS, Nintendo Switch Lite is more like cousin then brother for PS Vita in my opinion.

Sony Xperia 1, 5, 10: I was studying why Sony abounded portable gaming, the main reason was because of smartphones and there weren't many titles to offer on this platform. So Sony focused gaming on smartphones (Xperia 1 and 5 have game mode), also they created new division in 2016 which is called "ForwardWorks" and they are focused to make Playstation games on phones, they already developed Everybody's Golf, Arc The Lad, Wild Arms: Million Memories, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness and Eshigami no Kizuna. They also made an official controller mount for Xperia devices. So could it be successor with Sony PS Vita this device? Maybe it is.

MOQI i7S: yes, this is my last option just why not, it looks like PS Vita, it has decent specs (CPU - Snapdragon 710; RAM - 6GB; Space - internal 128GB, external up to 256GB on SD Card), it has front and back camera, it has everything just like Vita, even design is quite familiar, so why not.

Why I called this topic "Mini PC"? Because I wanted to make one from PS Vita, it is my project, which I already participating in. You can use PS Vita just like a mini laptop, look at it, it can run movies, play decent games BUT when you homebrew it... now the true show comes, you can download "Notepad" for notes or programming. And about the PS Vita Software... For me its the most optimized system I have ever seen, even more, then Apple OSs. Just look at it, its 2020 and still can run HD videos on Youtube WITH 512MB RAM! I using my PS Vita for school so I put PS Vita to a category, college laptop. I can take notes during class or play games if I'm bored :D. The project has so far had positive results. Also, I found an app called "Colors" only for America, and it's a fully operational Graphics software where you can also use a stylus.

So that's all I wanted to say, finally, my mind is free now ??. Hope you enjoy reading this, feel free to leave a comment ?.
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