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Jan 5, 2020
Welcome to the Feedback Section

Feedback from our community is always welcomed! If you have an idea regarding how we can improve SFF.N, you're in the right place.

Explaining our Feedback Threads

Threads in the Feedback section behave differently from those in any other section of our website. In particular, Feedback threads allow for the community to vote for suggestions others have made, as a way to indicate support for that suggestion. The total number of votes for each suggestion are displayed prominently, allowing for SFF.N and the community to understand which suggestions are the most popular. Furthermore, the threads for each suggestion act as a comment section, to foster discussion of the suggestions themselves.

Posting on the Feedback Section

Suggestions of any kind are welcome, even if they pertain to things outside of our website (such as our Discord server). SFF.N reviews every suggestion made by the community, though we have the final word regarding which suggestions are implemented.

We strongly suggest that suggestions be specific, realistic, and relevant, as most suggestions that are not picked up by SFF.N fail at least one of these tests. Finally, in every instance where a suggestion has been implemented, SFF.N will endeavor to credit the suggester in announcements and other communications.
Not open for further replies.