Suggestions, comments, criticisms for SFF Network/SFF Forum in 2017?


aka James
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Feb 22, 2015
I think 2017 will be a great year for the site, community, and SFF in general but do you all have any suggestions, comments, or criticisms for us going into the new year?

Here's some stuff that's been suggested already or we are planning to do:
  • Better forum search has been suggested and that's on the list to implement in the next month or two.
  • More guides/articles to supplement the reviews and news posts.
  • Video is something John (@confusis) is planning to do now that he has a camera that isn't a potato :p
  • SFF relevant ads on the news site is something we want to tackle this year.
  • Revamp SFF Wiki with a new backend that's easier for the community to add content to.