Selling [EU-PL] Selling Sunmilo C01 Case


Today I got my previous case for sale, it is the Sunmilo C01. Specs can be found here:

In general it's 11,8L, M1 layout, 160mm CPU cooler, 277mm GPU length.

It's all black with a custom hole in the front of the case, condition is very good, very minor signs of usage here and there but in general close to new.

You can find my build in this case here:

Price would be 160 Euro + shipping (let me know where you are in Europe and I will get a quote but shouldn't be more than 20-22 Euro to ship it)


Cable-Tie Ninja
Original poster
Oct 20, 2017
New price - 130 Euro + shipping, I kind of want to sell it quick and the price is ridiculously low for a Sunmilo case!