Selling [EU-PL] Sunmilo C01 itx case | M99S mATX case

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Hello guys,

I have 2 cases up for sale:

1) Sunmilo C01

Link to the case:

My previous build in the case:

I've had it for quite a while, great little case with standard layout, ~12L, 160mm CPU cooler support, 277mm GPU support. SFX psu. All black as in the photos, great condition, top quality case from a renowned manufacturer.

Price - 110 Euro + shipping

2) M99S micro ATX case

Link to the case:

13.6L, micro ATX mobo support, 318mm GPU support, 240mm radiator support, PCIe 3.0 riser added, I also had a custom tempered glass side panel made so adding this aswell.

Case comes with Supermicro 480W 80+ Platinum flex PSU which has been taped with black tape and white cables, as per photos.

Price - 120 Euro + shipping

Timestamps and photos (there are more photos on imgur that show up here for some reason):

Let me know if you have any questions!
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Oct 20, 2017
Prices are lightly negotiable, I need space guys, take them from me, both are great cases :D