Selling [EU] My 3d printed 10,8 L case


Unfortunately it seems I have to switch cases. My 3d printed case didn't hold up my new 5700xt very well and I don't really want to change anything in my rig considering I've recently bought all the stuff.

The print quality is alright in most cases, it's sturdy, it's good, of course it's not perfect by nature of 3d printing but it doesn't have any major flaws. I've spent so much time on this but seeing it was the first case I've ever made I just wanted to have everything in there and I didn't think the heat would cause any major issues. I'm sure that the case would easily handle a little less beefy rig, the biggest challenge was to get GPU temps in check, I think a blower style gpu would work better but then again I limited GPU length to 242mm so can't use any refs, I'm sure something like a 1660Ti/1060/2060 would work really well there.

More information in my build thread, I'll add a 5mm thick tempered glass panel aswell as a PCI-E Riser and all the needed screws and stuff.

For the price I honestly have no idea, printing something this big commercially would cost a lot more than I would like for it, but something along the lines of like 130 Euro doesn't sound insane considering the costs (glass itself was 25 Euro, riser was 25 Euro + material, screws, printing time of 60+h), I just want to recoup some of the costs, it's still a unique case and hopefully someone likes the design. Feel free to ask me any questions you might have. Photos are in my build thread, I can post a timestamp later if that's still needed.