Did I ruin my mobo?


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Sep 24, 2016
I'm building a pc inside a Streacom F7C with the Minibox picopsu 160-xt along with a std-12160 brick (12v, 16a). As I was changing some things around with the cpu cooler, i had to disconnect the 4pin between the DIN-connector and the psu. As i reconnected them, a small spark appeared between the connectors. I had forgotten to disconnect the brick. Ever since, the PC won't boot anymore.

The picopsu still works in another pc and I tried booting the Streacom with a different psu to no avail. I can't really rule out any other parts as it's the only skylake build i have, the other one is haswell based. Am i correct in asuming that I have caused a short circuit which may have broken my motherboard? Or should I attempt some other tests?


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Feb 16, 2016
Glad you could save your build ! This is a precious trick indeed !

Whenever you have time, let us know how your Streacom build is coming along, especially with temps.
I currently have a LP single slot GT 630 - not exactly a beast - which tends to get hot and noisy, even if I drilled an extra set of holes...
That's just temporary as I am currently planning a custom WC loop inside this case !
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