DAN C4-SFX Build Questions: Fans and Power Cables


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Jun 13, 2023
I've got a DAN C4-SFX I'm very happy with, but since this is my first SFF build I have a couple questions about changes that I'm not sure if they'll make the build any better, or are not worth bothering myself over. For reference, I've got an RTX4070, but it's currently in RMA land, which is why I'm taking the time to consider these changes.

With the fans, I've got the Noctua NH-D12L, 2x Noctua 140mm on the top, and 1x 140mm for exhaust. I was thinking of putting an additional 12x25r 120mm fan on the NH-D12L, but it looks like it would not fit on the side without me having to flip the whole CPU cooler around. Would it even be worth doing this? I've read in a couple of places that the extra fan would not make much of a difference, anyways.

Pictures of the 2nd 120mm round fan not fitting due to the positioining of the motherboard's back i/o.

For the power supply, I have a Corsair SF750 with stock cables. I've been using the front mount option because It feels like in the regular mount position the cables are being crushed by the heat vent. I'm not really sure if that's normal/expected, or if it's safe. I would mostly like to use the case with its stock design intentions, but I'm not sure if I'm expected to get custom cables to fit in the normal orientation, or if that amount of downward pressure is safe and normal.
I suppose I could alternatively not use the extra heat vent, but I believe that was designed to help separate the heat from the GPU from affecting the temperature of the rest of the case, so it would feel a little silly to not utilize the design features to their best intention.

Picture of the PSU as it is currently:

Pictures of how tight the fit is if I use the bracket to mount it in the standard position.


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Jun 13, 2023
Rather than put another 120mm on the heatsink, make the side fan an intake to feed the CPU with colder air.

The PSU would be fine in either position in my view - I use front mount as I have the Loki SFX-L and actually think it's a better place as when front mounted you're taking air from the front and venting it directly back out the side without the gap created by the PSU mount - and like you see, it makes cabling a lot easier. If you don't need the space created by using the PSU mount then don't worry about it.