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Cyberpunk 2077’s Ray Tracing Overdrive mode has gone live today. Virtually everyone is testing it on the latest and greatest RTX 4090, so I decided to test it on an RTX 3080.
For those that don’t know, put simply, this version of Cyberpunk 2077 uses only path tracing to create far more realistic shadows, reflections, and lighting. The previous version used a hybrid lighting system even on psycho ray tracing mode. Basically put, this is as close you can get to realistic lighting in the decidedly dystopian Cyberpunk society.
Can the RTX 3080 run what is likely the most demanding Path Traced to date? How does this nearly 3-year-old…really three years already?!….GPU handle this torturous test? Let’s look at the benchmarks.

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Apr 21, 2017
3 FPS = 0.33 Seconds per Frame!

I'd try this on my RTX2060, but CyberPunk is still a NZ$99 game and I'd likely get 10 SPF (seconds per frame)!
I got one better: 2060 Max Q


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Jul 7, 2017
I tried this on my 4070 Ti and with DLSS Quality settings at 1440p I was getting 54 FPS, with Frame Generation I was getting 70 FPS. For contrast with High settings and full Ray Tracing I get 85 FPS, 128 FPS with Frame Generation.
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Jun 4, 2020
Fired it up today on my 3080ti finally. It looks like the updates have improved performance greatly! I'm on a 1080p 240hz monitor here today and I ran a first run simply cranking the preset up to overdrive, I think probably the issue was I flipped the DLAA on, and I got a 28fps result, which set my (low) expectations going forward...

Once I played around with DLSS Balanced with PT on and all the rest of the settings more or less cranked (some by default aren't and i left them) I'm getting 76fps on the benchmark! It's beautiful and looks like between this setting and the Quality DLSS setting I'll be all set to enjoy this game about as much as I could with a beefier card that has frame gen. Frame gen doesn't address the main purpose of having higher fps, which is reduced input lag so aiming is precise.

some more 1080p data i gathered, all with PT on:
- DLAA off, DLSS off: 34.5 fps
- DLAA on (disables DLSS): 33.6 (I suppose that first run i had a lower result from shaders not being fully cached? dunno)
- DLSS Quality, Ray Reconstruction on: 65.0
- DLSS Quality, RR off: 59.8

And with PT off:
- DLSS Quality, RR not an option (is tied to PT): 95.2

Props to CDPR for continuing to polish this masterpiece of theirs, theyve done what many of us would have considered impossible earlier... make it run really well all things considered on older architectures. Granted I'll go right back to lusting after a 4090 once I go home to play this on my 4K 120hz OLED TV but at 1080p we're basically completely good with Ampere.

Too much has already been said about it but we can't get enough of DLSS in general, note the jump from 34.5fps to 95.2 fps just by turning it on. Yeah it renders the game at 720p to achieve this, but, notably, we get no jaggies... On any not actually insanely intensive game we would prefer to use DLAA for ultimate image quality.
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