Completed Custom distro plate Ghost S1 build is finally done!


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Mar 17, 2019
Finally, after three weeks of back and forth with the machine shop, my custom designed distro plate is done!
Here is what it looks like with the completed build.
Beside the plate, I think my cable manage job is also amazing.
Hardwares are old:
Asus B350 strix itx
Ryzen 3800X
2x16G 3600 cl16 G SKILL neo
5700xt with alphacool block
All the fitting are from the old build, that's why they looks beat up.
and I don't really care what the fittings look like.
Also, replace all of them cost a sh!t ton of money......

This is what the distro looks like:



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Oct 15, 2020
Would love to get some more details on this. All the local places around me quoted $3-400 USD to a one-off plate so I abandoned my project.