CPU cooler for Sunmilo S01 case

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Jun 20, 2018
Hi all,

I know cooler have been done to death but does anyone have any experience of the following coolers?

I have a Sunmilo S01 case on order which has a CPU clearance height of 56mm. I have seen elsewhere that someone got a Thermalright AXP-100r in and it wasn't quite touching the side so I'm looking for something up to 58mm.

I have a 7700k and currently just use it at standard clock speeds. Not delidded and would prefer not to at the moment. This is for my main desk PC, I am also looking at doing a portable gaming build with either the ZS-A4, ZS-A4M or ZS-A4s.

Options I'm considering for the Sunmilo case:

Id Cooling IS-60 (with a slim 120/140mm fan like the Cryorig XT140). This would give 6 heat pipes, a fan with 65CFM and a total height of about 53mm which would keep turbulence noise down as there'd be about 5mm gap to the side of the case. I did contact ID cooling who have confirmed that this cooler will be available (modified version with fan screws vice clips) from May 2019.

Gamer Storm Gabriel CPU cooler (again with a slim 120/140mm fan like the XT140 mentioned above). Height would be 53mm roughly. It would only have 4 heat pipes but there is no gap between the fins and plate increasing heat transfer.

Thermalright AXP-100r (with the TY-100 fan). 6 heat pipes, but less airflow/cfm and would be much closer to the side panel potentially making more noise. I already have this cooler but am put off by potential noise levels - I'll give it a go though but just considering if any of the other options are likely to see much better temps.

Alpenfohn Black Ridge. Likely to dismiss for this case as I could only fit a super thin top fan and it would then be too close to the side panel. It could potentially give the best temps though with 2 fans, 6 heat pipes. I understand there were issues with the first batch and version 2 is a possibility/coming out/is out - I don't know! )

Any help/experience/feedback would be appreciated!