Corsair SF750 750W 80+ Platinum

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by For_Science, Jan 7, 2019.

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  2. Jello

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    High power builds in small cases. Something along the lines of Threadripper + Vega64, those combined are just shy of 500W.

    Edit: Add in some overclocking, and you could get real close to those 750W.
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  3. Bioforce

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    an i9-9900k and 2080 ti at stock settings will pull about 500 Watts. Throw in some over clocking and you could get real close to maxing out an SF 600. Something to keep in mind is that PSU's have an efficiancy curve and are the most power efficient at about 50% max load. This means not only a lower power bill, but less heat generated per watt pulled and thus lower fan speeds needed to cool it. While you may not "need" 750 watts, even a build that only pulls 400 watts under load would benefit from a 750 watt psu in that it would be cooler, quieter, and more efficient. Also keep in mind that AMD is dropping a new chip architecture soon and the rumors say there will be a 16 core model with a TDP of over 125 Watts. Those chips combined with a high-end overclocked GPU may very well necesitate a 750 Watt PSU.
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    So I ordered one of these and it should arrive tomorrow. I don't really have a system that can push its limit yet, but is there any testing, unboxing, or other info people might want for their reference?
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    Trade you for my SF600 platinum, which is tripping the OCP on my overclocked Vega56 :)
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    Haha, gonna have to pass. I'm taking my time switching my build but I will make good use of the 750w
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    I find it strange that its going for $180 USD but only $190 CAD. Is that a pricing error?
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    I bought one of these the day it was available because my SF600 would trip under large loads and my EVGA 650 GM had insufferable coil wine. This thing is an absolute beast, I have a 9900K OC'd to 5.1 (can't remember my voltage rn) and my 2080 ti at 130% Power Limit, and at the absolute maximum load spikes with Furmark and Cinebench running simultaneously, I still have nearly 125w of headroom and the psu fan is inaudible in comparison to the other components. Corsair deserves a lot of credit for this one.
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    I ordered one, Im running dual gpu for hackintosh / final cut pro x
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    Now question is : is SF750W quieter than SF600 on load..:)

    What i hate on my SF600 was this loud and distracting fan noise on load (450W with my R7 1700X and GTX 1080ti, both overlcoked)...even cutting load does not turn off fan immediately (wait for long, long minutes, time to cool down).
    That why I love my sx 800 lti where fan is turned off as soon as load is away...and even on load, fan is not noisy or distracting.
  13. smitty2k1

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    I find the fan on my SF600 to be incredibly quiet while powering a 4770k and Vega56.

    Now, if I could just get the Vega56 to stop tripping the OCP on the SF600....
  14. MarcParis

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    Really vega 56 is shutting down SF600? how weird it is.
  15. VegetableStu

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    oh uhh this might be a thing o_o there's a thread on johnn--

    wait, that's you O_O
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  16. M1AF

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    I'm surprised more people haven't mentioned how terrible the PCIE cables are that come with it.
  17. Wahaha360

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    The plastic cables or the sleeves, the sleeved cables are ok.
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  18. M1AF

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    I'm referring to the single PCIE cable with two 6+2 connectors and 100mm gap between the connectors. Two individual 6+2 connectors looks way better and is easier to manage.
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  19. Killinger

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    Unfortunately, all the PCIE cables are the daisy-chained dual 8 pin cables, I really wish there were some single 8 pin cables that came with it like they include in their heavier duty PSUs like the AX1600i. Definitely my biggest problem with this unit.
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  20. benii

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    Not unheard of, they also trip seasonic focus 650's.
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