Concept CNClab one: 80W passively cooled in sub 6L


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Mar 14, 2023
CNClab one

Passive cooling and SFF are two words that can work well together. This could be the smallest ITX case to date that can passively cool 80W with little compromise.
Comming in at just 189x190x162 (LxWxH) including feets totaling a volume of just 5.8 L.

Heart of the system is the ITX-sized heatsink capable of dissipating 80W and temporarily sinking higher peak power.
Heat is transferred through four 8 mm heatpipes. Due to AM5 similarities to AM4 this cooler might compatible with upcoming AM5 APUs.

Assambly will be easy:
It is assembled from the top down. The first step is to connect the heatsink to the top panel. This is followed by the CPU cooler and the spacers. In the next step, the motherboard is inserted and the CPU cooler is screwed in place (alignment). Depending on whether XPS insulation is required, the motherboard is removed and the foam is installed before the motherboard is put back in place. The last two steps are to screw the base plate and install the shell/case.
As the other shell isn't structural it can be easily customized or replaced.

Upcoming updates will include design updates (addition of an PCIE network card), thermal testing of the heatsink as well as tooling.

preview of the dummy heater used for initial thermal testing: