Evolv Shift XT offers premium build quality and components using thick anodized aluminum panels, PCIe X16 Gen4 riser cable, and USB-C Gen2 front IO. Performance is uncompromised with Ultra-Fine Mesh panels and vented aluminum panels while providing a clean and stylish appearance with the tempered glass infinity mirror.

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Apr 21, 2017

Phanteks has shown their latest design for SFF PCs, and it's aimed squarely at the sandwich style PC market. The Shift XT will feature support for three slot GPUs, 240mm AIOs, and fairly large (for SFF) air coolers. The AIO is on a swinging bracket, which makes it easy to access the case. The Power supply exhausts toward the bottom of the case, which will help prevent hot spots on your radiator. However, the Shift XT has a really neat trick:

It's size adjustable. You can shrink and grow the case to three different sizes with no additional "top hats" needed for purchase. Coming in at $169 and set to be released in February, I expect this will be a popular case in the SFF community.

Check out the Phanteks preview video of the Shift XT below.



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Jan 11, 2022
Would like to see if this thing will accommodate a rad in the bottom too for custom loops..... But it seems they're really trying to push the AIO