Cerberus-X, The I Like Custom Things Too Much Build

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    So now that the Cerberus and Cerberus-X case have been released and I've had mine for a while I was able to finally start working on it after planning out what I wanted to doing exactly. As much as I love the Cerberus-X case as it is stock, it's extremely hard for me not to want to do something different with it and make it personal to me. So with that said I planned a handful of feasible things to do with the build and case that wouldn't be forgotten about or a dead end project.

    Parts List:
    CPU: AMD Ryzen 1700
    GPU: Radeon RX Vega 64 Limited
    PSU: SIlverstone 700Watt SFX-L
    RAM: 16GB (for now) G-Skill Trident Z RGB
    Mother Board:MSI Gaming B350 Tomahawk Arctic

    Planned Custom Parts:
    To length PSU cables to free up as much space as possible.
    TG side panel, with custom etching
    Hardline water loop
    Top secret working project

    In preparation for working on the case I went ahead and shortened the front I/O Cables as they are like way too long so I would have less clutter. As well as mounting my GPU and PSU, since I already had those, once my motherboard came in to take measurements for PSU cable lengths.

    For the TG side panel I was able to get some 1.5mm thick magnets that had ~2.5lbs of pull force each to mount to the steel chassis of the case. Using the joining sections where the bottom frame meets the vertical supports the magnets are held in place to keep them from sliding down, in case they weren't strong enough to hold the glass up on its own. I've went ahead and ordered some thin foam sealing tape so I can have some soft contact between the chassis and glass so they aren't just banging on each other when mounting and removing the glass. On that note the glass was also custom ordered to the dimensions of the side panel so that I know it would look right, lol.

    As with everyone else I'll post updates as they happen and answer any questions anyone has. Also if anyone has any advise or suggestions I would love to hear them. Thanks guys.

    Current Photo Album:
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    Totally awesome man. Looking forward to seeing more on this.
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    Amazing combo! I'm not keen on the TG craze, but this really takes the Cerberus to a new level.
    That Mortar Arctic - great to have white boards available for the right builds.
    I'm on my 2ns white PC, and am seriously disappointed that no one has been brave enough to do a white ITX board yet.
    I loved the Asus Sabretooth Sabranco, and really impressed when MSI Added Arctic variants to their mortars.
    White ITX Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease
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    Very interesting TG panel..eager to see if it could fit properlly cerberus-x.

    @KSliger and @PlayfulPhoenix this tg could be very interesting for serial cerberus/x...:)
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    I'm honestly not a massive fan of side panels since mine on my old systems would always get scuffed and scratched up from moving but I figured it would be nice to look inside the case since I wanted to keep it on my desk anyways haha. But yeah I love the Mortar/Tomahawk Arctic, you very rarely see white mother boards and with the color scheme I want to try and achieve it was the perfect option. Also a big reason to ditch the M1 I was planning and moving to the cerberus/cerberus-x was to get a white ryzen board lol.
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    Hey, where did you get that custom TG panel from? And is it already etched, or do you plan on doing that DIY? How are you going to do that?
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    I got the glass from https://www.onedayglass.com/ , it took a little over a week to get since I ordered it right after Christmas and right before new years holiday. It isn't etched yet but I was going to do it myself. I was going to make a stencil in Adobe Illustrator and cut it out on vinyl with a plotter to get the cleanest lines possible using DIY glass etching kit. The kit from what I've seen is basically just a compound you rub onto the glass and let it sit while it does its thing before cleaning it off. I might also try and see if I can get access to the laser etcher we have at work but that probably won't happen lol, worth a try though.
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    Thanks a lot for the source! I forgot to mention that everything about the build is looking great so far because I was so excited about the panel. Haha

    That method of etching is probably safe, but I'd double-check that it's okay to etch tempered glass (if you haven't)--my understanding of TG is that if there's any imperfection in the glass it's designed to shatter.
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    No problem and thanks! From what I was reading chemically etching tempered glass is fine but its when you try to carve into it that it will break real easily. When I finish my mounting solution for the glass this week or weekend i'll try and post the process and parts for reference. I've only test fitted the magnets with some cheap double sided tape to find out if I needed to order anymore or not before adhering them down permanently.
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    I look forward to watching your build progress. The glass side panel looks excellent, as well. Thanks for sharing!
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    So your moving down the line that I want to do. Cerberus (or X, not sure yet) with an etched TG side panel and full hard custom loop. I'll be watching and look forward to the updates.
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    Thanks for all the comments guys. I was able to finish the first phase of the side panel this weekend, I just got caught up with other projects to get around to posting. When I get a chance to take some good pictures I'll share them.
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    You have 1 hour to share photos....:D
    (so eager to see this side panel..:))
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    Sorry for the delay in sharing any updates. In between what have probably been some of the craziest weeks at work and having people visit the past two weekends, I was able to clean up and takes some photos that didn't have my dump of an apartment in the background lol. I have been working on PSU cables in the mean time but since it's my first time doing it I'm taking my sweet time to make sure they are right. As well as finishing up some graphical work so I can get the vinyl cut for the etching stencil.

    This is with only 1.5mm thick foam to help pad the glass to the frame but I will probably put on some 2mm foam and see which one I'm more comfortable with. The panel has had the magnets glued to it and holding just fine for a few weeks now without any chance of it sliding off so I would say phase one has been a success anyways. Please excuse any smudged glass as I have been taking the panel on and off to check wire length and fitment.

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    Pretty. I don’t really see, but how do you fix firmly glass panel?
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    that motherboard/gpu combo :)
    so pretty
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    Thanks, I used some clear gorilla glue to adhere the magnets to the glass. It said it had a 24hr full cure time but I left it for a few days to be on the safe side since I glued it down with the magnets in place on the case so I got the exact positioning right.
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    I see, it’s difficult to do in serial life..:)