Cerberus X 9900k iChill 2080 ti 2 X AIO build


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Apr 13, 2019
Hey guys, just joined to show off my project. First go at making something SFFish. Would be interested to hear what you think.

Without PSU and drives

Complete build

Size comparison to my old mid-tower

Custom USB-C port (not fixed in place yet but you get the idea)

Sliger Cerberus X
Intel 9900k
Corsair H115i 280mm AIO
Gigabyte Z390 Designare mobo
iChill Black 2080 ti (240mm AIO)
Samsung 970 Pro 500GB m.2 boot drive
WD Blue 1TB games SSD
Seagate Barracuda 6TB storage 3.5" HD
Seasonic Prime Titanium 1000W ATX PSU
2 X Cryorig XT140 140MM exhaust fans in top
Sliger window SSD bracket
Chenyang USB 3.1 Front Panel Header to USB-C

I had originally planned to have the cpu 280 AIO in the bottom and the gpu 240 AIO in the front, replace the fans on the 240 with slims, and have another 2 fans mounted outside the frame behind the front plate for push/pull. This didnt work though as a bottom 280 isnt compatible with using an ATX mobo (conflicts with ports on the bottom of the mobo) so ended up with it as you see above. Was extremely tight in places and cable management was a nightmare. Got there is the end, though I feel like there's a cleaner build of this version to come once I've had a play with it.

Things I learned:
  • DON'T get thermal paste in your CPU socket, and if you do DON'T try to use an alcohol wipe to dab it out, or you will end up spending 3h bending pins and tweezing fibres with your phone on 10x magnification XD
  • SFX PSU is defo preferable in this case - I already had my ATX psu but an SFX would make things a lot more open around the motherboard and enable you to mount a fan or whatever on the hinge bracket - I had to forgo the HDD bracket and screw my HDD onto the hinge bracket directly to make it fit with only 2/4 screws, need to look into some kind of plate to improve that
  • I think the cryorig fans are the best (only?) choice for top rear exhaust with an atx psu as they're 140mm on 120mm mounting points, and only 13mm thick, even then I had to modify the ATX plate slightly, cut off the CPU power plug retaining clip, remove the back vibration mounts and add a rubber shim between the fan and PSU to get the rear one to spin freely, front one worked no issues
  • With a 280mm rad up front there is a tiny (maybe 6mm or something) space behind it you can use for cable management, if you sacrifice the 2 SSD mounts there, but you can use the optional window SSD bracket instead
  • You can also use the space between the 2 rads in the bottom right corner for spare cables.
  • A custom 24-pin cable would make a lot of sense in this build. I have like 30cm taking up space when I need about 8cm
  • As far as I know, the ichill 2080 ti (271mm long) is the only card that will fit with a 40mm rad and 25mm fans in the front
Now to actually try and turn it on...
Benchmarks to follow assuming it works.
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