Advice Best way to setup NCASE M1 with 3080 FE + 10850K


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Jun 15, 2021
I have a v6.1 NCASE M1 with 10850K + 3080 FE. Just wondering what is the best way you would set it up? I have both a C14S + 240mm AIO. Currently I'm running fans as intake on the AIO. With the 3080 FE pushing hot air upwards I don't think it's the best setup. Though if I was to do exhaust on the AIO the hot air from the 3080 FE would "cool" the radiator so that may well be even worse. Could C14S be better with my particular hardware?


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May 22, 2016
If I were you, I would probably be more annoyed by the air cooler fan for the CPU ramping up and down with load than being concerned about 2 or 3 degrees of an influence by the GPU exhausting warm air into the case and pulled through the radiator. If I had an AIO laying around already, I would probably use it.
Just flip the fans of the AIO and see, if the hot air from the GPU leads to higher CPU temperatures.
Do you have a 92mm fan installed in the back? If yes, I guess side fan intake is okay. If not, you might dump more GPU exhaust air into the case than you would like, heating up the case over time. So side exhaust might be a better idea and since a 240mm rad for the CPU exclusively is plenty, I would not expect the GPU's hot air having too much of a negative effect on CPU temps.