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Jun 15, 2021
I've got a NCASE M1 with an i5-10400F/3070 FE which is all air cooled. Running a C14S cooler with a NF-A12x25 as intake, 2x NF-A12x25 as intake below the GPU, 2x NF-A12x15 on the left side panel as intake and 1 NF-A12x15 as an exhaust just behind the PSU. Everything is running good, I've undervolted/clocked the GPU to 850mV/1830MHz which has reduced temps slightly.

However I am quite confused regarding fan curves. How should they be setup? I know you make them based on noise tolerance but I'm not quite understanding what to set them as. For example the 2x 25mm fans below the GPU, do I set something like 0c to 50c @ 50%, then say 60c at 60% and so on? As for the top 3 slim fans, should I use the temp source as the GPU or the CPU?

I made these:
Temps wise I got GPU 72c in RDR2 at 1440p (high or ultra IIRC) and 62c CPU. But the fans got pretty loud (I guess this is inevitable if I'm already hitting 72c?). Any suggestions for curves would be appreciated.



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Aug 23, 2021
Hi Fuke.

Firstly, it sounds like you have too many intakes (4 x 120mm fans). The hot air is probably struggling to get out, and hence the cause of your GPU getting to 72c.

I think the following should be your setup:
- Leave bottom fan as intake, to feed air into your GPU,
- Change left side fans to exhaust,
- Setup C14S to blow up and away from the motherboard, and
- Change fan near PSU to intake

Secondly, you should adjust fan curve as follows:
- Set all fans to 40% as minimum, or whatever is inaudible.
- Link left side fans and fans near PSU to CPU temp. Mine starts to ramp up at 50c, and 100% at 60c.
- Link all fans to GPU temp. Mine starts to ramp up at 40c, and 100% at 50c.

I use Fan Control to control fans in my NCASE M1.