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Asus has released an official statement regarding the highly controversial BIOS updates they released to attempt to resolve their motherboards causing Ryzen 7000 series processors to overvolt and turn into Gamers Nexus videos. Unfortunately for users, the previous fixes voided their motherboard warranty. Let’s look at the statement.

Oops..sorry. Wrong statement. Not sure how I mixed those up…
Here is Asus’ statement:

We want to address the concerns that have been raised by our users about whether recent BIOS updates will impact the...

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Cat-Dog Perch Manager
May 18, 2020
Took them long enough and catching enough heat over this. Waiting 5 days to circle the wagons on this was bad. Especially when they knew had warning what Steves coverage would be if not it’s exact timing. And that it totally hijacked their press day for their Ally handheld, by their own lack of communication, and made it second tier hardware News is even worse for them.
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Cable-Tie Ninja
Dec 31, 2017
JayztwoCents (Jason Langevin) had already dumped them from his channel as a supporter and a reviewee source, until further notice, due to this, and many previous other incidents with their products. It is worth noting, that Asus does NOT manufacture their motherboards anymore, and has not for some time. They farm out their architectural design to Pegatron and others. They are not even aware in some cases of the true attempt to follow the blueprint of the architecture being built by their component suppliers even though they design the actual board, I found this out with the H610T. (Don't forget Asrock is a spinoff of Asus's original in-house MB manufacturing.)
Jason is pushing MSI now and has long been an EVGA supporter. Asus has been on top of Mt Olympus too long and their sex mistress Nvidia, as well, with their boat anchor overweight/overpriced 4000 series video cards. Both need to be pushed down to the bottom of the mountain so they can regroup and rebuild trust and quality in their products, which IMO, has been gone for some time. This assumes they care to do this, and I really think Nvidia has NO INTEREST in what customers, or their card manufacturing suppliers, think about the quality or pricing of their products.