ASRock’s DeskMini series has been a stalwart in the SFF world for some time now, even with the canning of the GTX/RX series (Rest in Peace, MXM graphics cards).  Eschewing standard form factors to enable denser computers, the DeskMini has been the basis of many builds and mods in our community forum. But the challenge with the DeskMini has always been hardware compatibility – only really supporting CPU, RAM and storage upgrades. What if we wanted more graphics power and more RAM? Enter the DeskMeet.
As a larger brethren to the DeskMini, the new DeskMeet series significantly increases component compatibility at the expense of size.
Is the size sacrifice worth it? Let’s find out.
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What's an ITX?
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May 5, 2023
Does anyone know if the DeskMeet B660 supports bifurcation of the PCIe x16 slot? (allows pcie splitters and multi nvme expansion cards)

I have read that the x300 does support that so you can add at least 2 extra m.2 nvme ssds but I would love to know if it's possible with the intel version.

The info is very hard to find and the only reason I know it is possible with x300 is an Amazon comment from someone that tested it out. The latest bios is required though.


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Jun 4, 2023
I will be pouncing on a Deskmeet X300 as soon as I can find one available (let me know if they're in stock anywhere?). I plan on putting a 5700G in it and using it as an emulation/HTPC machine in the living room, but am concerned about temperature control.

I'm thinking I'll do some combination of adding three small fans next to the PSU like the previous poster did, adding a 140mm fan by the empty GPU slot, and replacing the PSU fan with a better one. Does anyone have any thoughts as to the best setup? I was leaning towards having the large fan as an intake and the three smaller ones as exhaust, but I'm not sure if that makes sense.
What memory did you go with? Any suggestions? Sorry, new here, not sure how to edit messages yet. :)


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Jul 23, 2020
Most should be okay, but perhaps it's best to check their QVL just to make sure it's supported.
Depending on which model you went with, there's the X300 for Ryzen and B660 for Intel. Wishing all the best!