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Sep 6, 2020
Hi All,
I'm fairly new to SFF builds, and I wanted your advice, I was watching Optimum Tech's Video "Mini Liquid Cooled i9 / 2080 Ti Build" having got my hand on brand new Sidearm T1, I have couple of question:

1. can I replicate the build, but air-cooled instead of liquid cooled?
2. if yes, will I have a problem with temperature ?
3. also if yes do you recommend any specific pieces to replace the liquid cooling parts? or a previous build on the forum with RTX 2080Ti on a sidearm I can copy?

looking forward for your response.


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Feb 11, 2020
Basically, you need to search for similar builds on smallformfactor.net, reddit, pcpartpicker. Then you will start to get an idea of the components that you like. With air-cooled setup you can just decide if you go with 2 slot or 3 slot GPU based on what model you have, then consult the compatible cooler list for the CPU cooling based on height (see SFF compatibility list). Add some case fans and call it a day!

@thelaughingman has compiled a pretty extensive list of T1 builds, check it out here for inspiration!
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