Log 2-pin Molex to 6 pin AUX on Corsair PSU


Trash Compacter
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Feb 4, 2018
I've done this before with a D5 pump, where I took the two pin Molex and sleeved into a 6-pin AUX connector for a Corsair SF450. That system is long gone and I cannot remember which (or where I learned it) connections on the 6-pin go. Based on the various diagrams (none of which are super exact) and my memory, it should be +12v to top left (pin #1) and then ground to bottom left (pin #4).

Can anyone confirm this before I start, I have a DDC pump this time, but that shouldn't matter. I grabbed the pinout image from this site and attached where I think I should be going. Image is here: https://imagebucket.io/uploads/view/na64x/

Thanks for anyone that can confirm for me. Don't want to blow out my new pump.