CPU 1440p 144+fps gaming r7 2700 vs i7 8700


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Jan 30, 2018
im doing a sff build and will be using a low profile cpu cooler so nothing more than those 65w processors. I dont care about money so dont suggest i5 or r5 I just want the best performance mainly for gaming. planning on using it for at least 3 years.

im tempted to buy the 8700 cause its a bit better at gaming but in 1440p the difference is only about 5 fps

im tempted about the 2700 because if one day I need the extra performance in other thing than gaming its the better option and I guess that with more optimisaiton for ryzen the 2700 could be equal to the 8700 in gaming

I'm planning to buy a 1440p 144/165hz gsync monitor in the coming year
thought? advice? comments?


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Feb 24, 2017
The main advantage of Intel is high overclock/turbo potential, if you only plan to use a low profile cooler, I think you should just go Ryzen.