1. S

    .STEP Custom straight-out terminal for Corsair XG7 waterblocks 2022-10-31

    Confirmed to work with Corsair XG7 3080 FE waterblock. Probably works with other XG7 (and maybe XG5) blocks as well. Dimensions: 60x18x14mm.
  2. Kiborato

    .STEP EK 3080 Strix Waterblock 2022-02-22

    Wasted 10 Hours modelling this Waterblock. Note that you need to insert the pcb picture manually. ASUS ROG STRIX 3080 Waterblock EKWB
  3. Nouvolo

    .STEP Nouvolo - Aquanaut Extreme 1.0

    Aquanaut Extreme is an ultra low profile CPU block & (DDC) pump mount combo optimized for space saving, clean and minimalist custom loop builds. This is a detailed dimension accurate model. But all parts and components are merged into one object and its purpose is for testing specific build...
  4. Ross Siggers

    GPU Waterblock for a 2060 with no official offerings?

    Hi all, I'm attempting my first watercooled system with a custom loop, in my second SFF build. I'm using a custom case with tight limits on GPU length; a lot of the 'small' RTX 20xx series cards I looked at, were all around 170mm in length which is scraping my width restriction. I managed to...
  5. L

    Concept Input on 3070 Waterblock flow design

    Hi, I'm building a sub 4L case for my 3070, and for that I need a custom waterblock. I've been doing some simulations and I wonder what you think about this setup. During simulation I have output 270W in the core and 30W from rest of components. I have set a flow to 1 GPM. This is although my...
  6. C

    .STEP Bitspower CPU/MB Monoblock for ASRock X299E-ITXAC 1.0

    This model is for the BP-WBMASRX299EI watercooling monoblock by Bitspower. This monoblock was developed by Bitspower in conjunction with ASRock to support the ASRock X299E-ITXAC motherboard for those desiring to use custom cooling loops. This block cools both the CPU and the motherboard VRM's...
  7. royalba94

    Closed [WTB] Threadripper Waterblock

    Looking for a TR4 Waterblock (or monoblock, depending) - Ideally the Heatkiller IV PRO threadripper block but open to offers. Thanks!
  8. N

    Cooling Zotac GTX 1080 TI AMP Watercooling

    Hey I've been gathering parts for my next build and i have everything other than the GPU. I am going for an all watercooled build and have been looking at the AMP over its pre-watercooled friend as it has a higher clock speed (and I actually stand a chance of finding one in the UK)...
  9. OptimusWC

    Cooling Optimus Water Cooling is now taking orders!

    Hi everybody, We had posted here a little while back showing our first CPU water block and wanted to get feedback from the community. We are pleased to announce we are offering a side engraved model for people that would like a completely clean looking top. Currently we are only taking orders...
  10. OptimusWC

    Cooling Introducing Optimus Water Cooling

    Hi everybody! We're a very new water cooling company located near Chicago, IL. We make all of our blocks in the USA and we have some of the smallest micro fins and channels in the world. We have a fin density that is higher than other blocks currently on the market and according to our...
  11. P

    .SKP EK-FC1080 GTX Ti v1

    A SketchUp model of the EKWB waterblock for the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FE. Modelled after the technical drawings provided by EKWB on their website. Fairly accurate, only the (complex) geometry on the terminal may not be 100% accurate. All the other measurements are correct.