Bitspower CPU/MB Monoblock for ASRock X299E-ITXAC

.STEP Bitspower CPU/MB Monoblock for ASRock X299E-ITXAC 1.0

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This model is for the BP-WBMASRX299EI watercooling monoblock by Bitspower. This monoblock was developed by Bitspower in conjunction with ASRock to support the ASRock X299E-ITXAC motherboard for those desiring to use custom cooling loops. This block cools both the CPU and the motherboard VRM's due to the high power demands of the X299 platform.

This model was created by measuring the monoblock I purchased using a set of calipers. Everything should be accurate to within +/- 0.1 mm. If I notice dimensional issues as I progress with my PC project I will update the file accordingly.

This model features the mounting holes as it attaches to the motherboard CPU retention system, the inlet and outlet ports for the cooling system and the different planes for making contact with the CPU and VRM's. Please note that since the use of thermal pads are necessary, these will need to be included in your own CAD work to ensure the proper final assembly height to check for clearances.
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