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    Completed REVOCCASES RCC-TIPIO1 | 1.9L Thin ITX PIO Console Case

    TIPIO1 is a just-for-fun concept for Thin ITX PIO boards and low profile single slot GPUs Specs: Volume: ca. 1.9L Motherboard: Thin Mini ITX PIO 17x17, e.g. JUBO H310C-G GPU: Low Profile Single Slot, up to GTX1650 PSU: small 19V GAN Adapter CPU cooler: ultra low profile <=22mm

    News JUBO / VIEWNOTE TA330 - AMD Renoir compatible Thin Mini ITX Motherboard

    After chasing JUBO for quite a few month now sending me an BIOS update to add support for Renoir on my JUBO A300 Thin ITX they finally did it! They are now offering two versions of the board with different BIOSes: Option 1: Ryzen 2nd and 3rd GEN APU support Option 2: Ryzen 4th GEN APU support...

    Motherboard RENOIR (AMD 4000G) capable THIN MINI ITX motherboard (looking for help with BIOS modding)

    I found a Chinese mini PC which is running RYZEN 4000G APUs on the VIEWNOTE / JUBO A300 THIN MINI ITX Motherboard. Similar like the DeskMini A300 they have modded the BIOS to support Renoir APUs. Now the only issue is that ViewNote does not sell their boards with that BIOS. If we find a way...

    Completed RCC-THIN1-H2O - a water cooled thin mini-ITX build

    REVOCCASES RCC-THIN1-H2O - a water cooled thin mini-ITX build prototype: final version:
  5. A

    LVDS to eDP help

    I have a jubo am4 thin mini itx mobo from which has a 30 pin LVDS output. I have bought an adaptor board to go to 30 pin eDP, and an AU Optronics B140HAN01.1. No display is outputted, and using a volt meter...
  6. Windfall

    .STEP Thin-ITX Motherboard 2019-03-04

    Based off Aibohphobia's accurate blank model, with the IO cutout modeled to thin ITX spec.
  7. Windfall

    Motherboard Thin ITX Discussion Thread

    Welcome to the #thinpcmasterrace* Since there are quite a few interested parties, I figured it was time to make a dedicated thin ITX thread to consolidate the couple seperate threads (like this one and this one). So here we can: Make wishes in hopes that manufacturers see it Toss around...
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    Concept Amiga "Rendemption" Build/Keyboard Shape Build

    Hi, I want to do a very crazy stuff, so here we go: My idea is to build a pc wich could be in size similar to a Comodore Amiga low end series (500,600,1200...) in other words, a PC wich contains the main board and stuff inside or in the shape of a keyboard, just like the old home computers of...
  9. CC Ricers

    Closed Thin Mini-ITX part out (motherboard, GPU, and more)

    All parts have been sold, thank you I have to sell my thin mini-ITX build and willing to part it out. The three items I'm selling are the Gigabyte thin mini-ITX motherboard, low profile WX4100 GPU and Corsair 2x4GB of RAM. The motherboard comes with its box and accessories, and a mini...
  10. W

    Stalled The Gnome - A budget Thin Mini ITX HTPC case

    At this point, I'm only looking to gauge interest in the case, and nothing about the case is set in stone. With that out of the way.... I present to you, The Gnome, a budget HTPC case for Thin Mini ITX chassis. Right now, my current computer chassis has a lot of wasted space that I figured I...
  11. W

    Closed Thin mini ITX HTPC/budget gaming machine

    Specs: Intel Pentium G4560T processor (delidded and lapped) Gigabyte GA-H110TN motherboard 8 GB DDR4 2133 MHz ram Inno3D GT1030 passive Western Digital 1 TB hard drive LG Blu-Ray drive 2x Silenx 60mm fans 300 W external PSU I aimed for this build to be as quiet as I can reasonably get...
  12. CC Ricers

    Completed Project Thin-X case: Super small, super flexible

    Project Thin-X Working title- Thin-X stands for Thin mini-ITX with eXpansion card support. Taking pre-orders for the first batch (2 cases left). More details in this post. Base price is $95 + shipping. You can use this form to make a pre-order. Project Thin X is case for mini PCs, and can be...