thin itx

  1. SammyXXM

    Production No more sandwich. W19. Up to 360AIO and custom loop. Up to full size 3-slot gpu. DDC pump. Ready for uncompromise watercooled in 10.5L console case. Pre-order batch v1.0 is over! I wanted to buy a Node 202, but it doesn't support full size GPU and water cooling at the same time . That's why I decided to make my own prototype. No more endless variants of the same sandwiches. No more boring hahdmade look with drilled panels...

    Completed RCC-THIN1 - a brickless thin mini ITX case with many possibilities (HTPC, NAS, APU, etc...)

    RCC-THIN1 is an enclosure for THIN MINI ITX builds. Rock solid, made from 2mm / 5mm thick aluminum. Comes with a 19V / 130W internal power supply and ultra thin 65W TDP CPU cooler (Silverstone customized OEM model). This case looks simple but offers many possibilities... Example 1: Brickless...

    Concept RCC-MODRAD40 - a customizable thin and small radiator for 40mm fans

    For my RCC-THIN1 thin mini ITX case I was looking for different cooling solutions when I came up with the idea to make it water cooled. Unfortunately I did not find any affordable radiator which would fit my case design. Finally I came up with the idea to build my own radiator out of aluminum...

    Completed RCC-THIN1-H2O - a water cooled thin mini-ITX build

    REVOCCASES RCC-THIN1-H2O - a water cooled thin mini-ITX build prototype: final version:
  5. Windfall

    .STEP Thin-ITX Motherboard 2019-03-04

    Based off Aibohphobia's accurate blank model, with the IO cutout modeled to thin ITX spec.
  6. BryceK

    Motherboard AM4 Thin ITX motherboards, They do exist!

    Hi All, For the last few months I have been thinking of making a really small build, but to have some graphical performance I needed to use a 2400G or 2400GE (which will be available at some retail stores in the Netherlands at the 4th of March). Now looking at the common brands non had a Thin...
  7. Windfall

    Motherboard Thin ITX Discussion Thread

    Welcome to the #thinpcmasterrace* Since there are quite a few interested parties, I figured it was time to make a dedicated thin ITX thread to consolidate the couple seperate threads (like this one and this one). So here we can: Make wishes in hopes that manufacturers see it Toss around...
  8. WH-team

    Stalled Super Reaper MKV series4.4L~9.2L-New solution for hardware-show case

    2019.01.23 Now the passageway for SFF forum is avaliable! TAO BAO link: EBAY link: building...maybe cancel How to solve hardward show and temperature these dual requirement in one sff case and I...
  9. QinX

    News [TPU] ASUS Intros Prime H310T Motherboard (Thin ITX) Oh boy! Even though it doesn't have a PCIe 4x slot it does have the M.2 4x slot so there are GPU options for us. I'd love to snatch up one of those if only to be able to go 6-core in the future on Thin ITX.
  10. A

    Power Supply Asus H110T + HDPLEX 160W

    Hi, Pardon me, for asking such a ridiculous question, but this ITX thing is unknown area for me :) So, I'd like to build a small home server (just a mobo, ram, and 2-3 HDD) and choosed this thin ITX motherboard: Asus H110T But I'm uncertain about the...
  11. CC Ricers

    Closed [US shipping only] Gigabyte H110-TN motherboard

    Gigabyte H110-TN - official description/specs This is a thin mini ITX motherboard. Selling this in like new condition. The box has been opened, but never used. Comes with all accessories. $85 shipped to the continental US. Silverstone SX500-LG - sold.
  12. QinX

    .STEP Reversed PCIe 4x to 16x Riser 1.0

    A CAD file for the PCIe Riser I've made for my project H2O-Micro. Should be dead on accurate.