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  1. Windfall

    .STEP Thin-ITX Motherboard 2019-03-04

    Based off Aibohphobia's accurate blank model, with the IO cutout modeled to thin ITX spec.
  2. cleveland

    AM4 DC input motherboard

    Are there any AM4 mobo with this kind of power input? The voltage, as well as the form factor (ITX or Thin-ITX) aren't relevant (at least for me), as long as the mobo could be powered by an external brick.
  3. cleveland


    Hey guys, check this cute little piece of tech out: I have everything needed to put it into work for a great HTPC. mSATA SSD: 128gb EVO (checked) small case: mini-box M350 (checked) fast sodimm memory sticks: 2x4gb 1866mhz HyperX (checked) spare APU: A8-7600 (checked) 19v power brick: 2x...
  4. Phryq

    thin itx supporting 7700k

    Does there exist a thin-itx or stx motherboard that can handle a 7700k? As far as I know, the only one that can do this is the ASRock MicroSTX. Also, do any motherboards of this form factor support more than 32gb of RAM? I've searched everywhere. The reason I'd like this for is... no cables...