sfx psu

  1. davbojic

    New data for V6 on your web page? Mini-DTX compatible? New GPU clearance for V6? New SFX position?

    Hello. I made preorder on Ncase M1. That will be my first PC build from start. When you will change new dimensions and description for new version v6 on your web page (because now is data for v5)? Can you confirm compatibility Ncase M1 with asus AMD AM4 X570 Mini-DTX motherboard (can you put...
  2. Hommer Cases

    Prototype Hommer Case V1 How SFX Case should be (8.4l incl. AIO and 3slot GPU)

    Hello everyone, I am Simon and I am a mechanical engineer from Germany. I've been building some "Mini PC's" lately, but I wasn't really pleased with it. The cases that I have seen and / or installed were either too big for me or you could only sheet a 2 slot GPU or no AIO ... For this reason, I...
  3. D

    Build idea

    Hi all, would love some feedback on a new build idea. Found what i think is a very good, reasonably priced case. PC would be on all day and mostly used for internet, office use, streaming and photoshop. thoughts please. SPEC CPU - Intel - Core i5-8600 3.1GHz 6-Core Processor CPU Cooler -...
  4. W

    Does all the sfx PSUs have the same dimensions?

    For example, the sfx PSUs from silverstone and those from Corsairs, do they have the exact same dimensions like not only the length, width, and height but also mounting holes placements and etc? Thanks in advance
  5. cokeeffekt

    Production YASFF - Open Source, small(6.4L), basic, low cost. With Source!

    Introduction My first taste of the small form factor world was the Dell Alienware Alpha it was tiny, this has served me well for the last few years. Now I want more, but I also want a bit of a challenge. I’m a software engineer so open source is always a big thing for me so I thought I have a...
  6. Arboreal

    Alternative Silverstone SG05 Layout?

    I am toying with redesigning my older ITX setup that's in and SG05. I've searched, but not found anything particularly useful or conclusive out there on the web, so am asking here. I am thinking of front mounting an SFX PSU into the SG05, and using a top intake fan. In effect, it'd be like a...
  7. MarcParis

    Cerberus-x : choice of sfx psu

    Hi all, Here is a new step to create a worthy setup, at the level of crafting of the cerberus-x..:) After cpu platform, let's talk about sfx/sfx-l psu, that i aim to put on front panel. First condition is to be fanless when idling, low load (web surfing, video, etc) Target is to power a...
  8. FreezingCode

    Closed Silverstone SX-600G 600W SFX PSU

    [SOLD] Silverstone SX-600G v1.1 - $95/shipped in con. US. Located in Rockford, MN 55373. It's in great condition, and comes with all cables, paperwork, and box. Has appx 1 year of use before it was swapped for the Corsair SF600. Nothing wrong with the unit, the fan is just too noisey for my...