1. ZombiPL

    Concept SENTRY 3.0: Development and Suggestions

    Hello once again, As you all know, Sentry 2.0 crowdfunding campaign ended almost 2 years ago. In the last few months we received many, many emails, pm’s and tweets from you guys asking if we will make another run of the case. Because of the pandemic situation last year was very busy for us at...
  2. riba2233

    Closed [EU------->worldwide] Zotac 1080ti mini , Dr. Zaber Sentry 1.1 black

    Hi, I'm selling my Zotac 1080ti mini and Dr. Zaber Sentry 1.1 black because I need money for some case prototyping and development. 1. Zotac 1080ti mini GPU SOLD! - condition - very good, I have replaced the thermal paste and flashed BIOS from EVGA SC model to enable zero rpm fan option...
  3. npckill


    Hello, i'm started to replace my pc parts for an ITX build. It will be my first ITX build. But i'm stuck at the cases. My primary goal is to build in a Zaber Sentry case. Does anybody have one lying around? I live in Europe in Hungary. (yes i know aboutother alternatives like S4 Mini -but...
  4. M

    Closed white Zaber Sentry 1.1 for sale

    Hi Guys. I'm about to move halfways across the globe and I have a white Zaber Sentry 1.1 which I probably cannot bring along on the airplane with all my other stuff. The current build is rather basic: Mainboard ASUS ROG STRIX Z270i Gaming RAM Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8 GB SSD Samsung EVO 960 500...
  5. P

    Need advice to reduce cost for Sentry mini-ITX build

    Hi, I've recently got a hold of one of the Sentry mini-ITX cases, which I think are absolutely gorgeous! With my somewhat limited knowledge of computer parts, I read the requirements for the Sentry along with a few guides and put together a build. I feel however I could reduce the cost, but I...
  6. D

    Dr. Zaber Sentry Thermals?

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum and to the SFF space in general but I am very intrigued and I'm starting to buy new SFF components to hopefully build in the Dr. Zaber Sentry once it retails. I am just a bit apprehensive about the thermal performance of the case as the official website recommends...
  7. Red19841984


    BEEN GETTING ALOT OF REQUEST FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO SEE THE BOX WITH DR ZABER LOGO.HOPE THIS PICTURE HELPS. i paid $220 for it,and dont worry price will remain at $220,i will not charge double for it,its not right.just want to get what i paid for,im very happy with my silverstone ml08-h. Brand...
  8. O

    Closed Dr. Zaber Sentry (Black)

    Asking for $400 shipped, $375 local pickup (North NJ). Not sure how much shipping costs, but will look into it. I was an original backer, but I didn't have the resources to build another whole system. Brand new condition. PM or Reply if interested! Lowered the price. Offers are still welcome!
  9. cj360

    Dr. Zaber Sentry Ryzen Build

    Revived my Sentry case so here's a little album I made of my build. From my Node 202 I had a Biostar 370 mobo, upgraded to an Asrock B350 for the better build quality and uefi. Comments about the build also in the imgur album. Need to come back later and edit the prices, both the ssd's were...
  10. jktaurus8

    Enclosure Top 5 best Mini ITX Case in 2017

    I have found the five best cases in 2017, so I decided to share it with you. These are the top 5 Mini ITX cases that I found on the internet, and I’m using the Streacom F1C Evo case because I love the console-sized computers. I am also planning to buy the other case called NFC S4 Mini but the...
  11. D

    Closed 2 Black Sentry Cases - Dr Zaber

    Hi All, I backed the indiegogo campaign for 2 Sentry cases, but due to a change of plans I only need one. Unfortunately, I can't refund one, and keep the other, so now I must sell both. I have not received either of my cases. Here's an email thread with Dr. Zaber and Co on where my specific...
  12. Cayprol

    Buying Zaber and S4 mini

    Hello SFF forum, I am new to the SFF genre, currently looking into two chassis, Dr zaber sentry, NFC s4 mini. The sentry could be any color, S4 needs to be full black or full silver. If the chassis was modded, please still feel free to contact. I am more than happy to buy both with...
  13. H

    Closed Dr Zaber Sentry (black) - Long Run - SOLD

    I decided I can't wait for the case to arrive anymore as they are currently shipping the 1st batch of cases. I got a good deal on Alienware 15 R2 and I went for it, so I won't be needing the case any more. I talked to the guys at Dr Zaber and they told me a refund is not possible at this stage...
  14. B

    Closed White Sentry Case - DR ZABER

    SOLD Backed the indie campaign and not received it yet, but due to a change of plans I will sadly no longer be needing this case. The white one looks so damn sexy as well. Ugh. Anyway, I'm based in the UK so keep that in mind for shipping. PM if you think you might want it. I'll be slow with...
  15. K

    Closed Buying Dr. Zaber Sentry $320

    I'm looking for a new Dr. Zaber Sentry. Willing to negotiate based on color and generation.
  16. K

    Is it possible to have water cooling the Sentry from Dr. Zaber

    I am fairly new to the world of ITX computer builds, but I saw the Sentry from Dr. Zaber and absolutely feel in love with the design. However, I heard that due to the lack of active cooling, the components in the case could get VERY hot under load and I couldn't help but wonder... Would it be...
  17. E

    Looking for a similar case to DR Zaber Sentry

    Greetings everyone, I am looking into building my own SFF computer. I have been looking for the case I would like to include in my build. There are a lot of great SFF cases that use Pico PSUs like the S4 Mini or the MC600, but I have yet to find a case other than the DR Zaber Sentry that can...